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Photography- 1827

Daguerreoptype Image:

The Daguerreotype process was invented by Louis Daguerre. It was better than previous methods because it worked faster, previous images had to be exposed for up to 8 hours. However, the process could still not be performed by the masses. Another disadvantage to this process was that the images it produced were delicate and could not be duplicated.

Calotype Image:

The Calyotype process was invented by William Fox Tablot. A major advantage to this process was that an unlimited amount of duplicates could be produced from the negative, which is why this process is the basis of our modern photographic process. A disadvantage this process was the quality of the image was poor.

Wet Collodion Process Image:

The Wet Collodion process was invented by Frederick Archer. To produce an image, the glass plates used only had to be exposed to light for two or three seconds. This process was also much cheaper than previous processes. A major disadvantage was that the glass plates had to be exposed to light quickly, while the plates were still wet with collodion.

Dry Plate Process Image:

The Dry Plate Process was invented by Richard Maddox. It’s major advantage was that it was much more convenient than the Wet Collodion Process since the plates did not have to be wet when exposed. It’s disadvantage was the glass was fragile and still was not accessible to ordinary users.

First Human in a Photo:

Louis Daguerre is credited with taking the first photo of humans.

Photographic Emulsion is a light-sensitive material spread on an object.

George Eastman named his phtographic company Kodak because he thought K was a powerful letter, the name was short, easy to pronounce, and would not be confused with anything else.

Instant film, commonly referred to as Polaroid photos, is made by transfering dyes from negatives to positive using a chemical reaction. Unlike other cameras, the film in Polaroid cameras already contain the chemicals need to make the reaction happen.


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