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Hey! My name is Holly and I am a senior!! This is my graphics design portfolio. Enjoy :)


Sympathy Card: Chopin Script (Script) This font is appropriate because it is formal, yet simple.

A Hotdog Stand: Carnevalee Freakshow (Decorative) This font is appropriate because it is fun and reminds people of their favorite places to eat a hotdog- a carnival.

A Diner-Style Restaurant: Marcelle (Decorative) This font is appropriate because it looks like the writing on varsity letter jackets from the ’60s.

A Logo for a Financial Institution: Bebas Neue (Sans Serif) This font is appropriate because it is imposing and formal and will remind consumers that their money is safe at this bank.

A Certificate for a Presitgious Award: Adine Kingberg Script (Script) This font is appropriate because it is formal and while the capital letters are very ornate, the lowercase letters are readable.


Assignment # 11

The purpose of this assignment was to recreate a surrealist photograph  using pictures I took myself. Then the photograph was to be turned  into a poster for an art expo.

original photo:


Assignment # 10: Part 2

The purpose of this assignment was to create an envelope and a letterhead using the wordmark created in Assignment 9.


The AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Art,  is an organization whose goal is to advance design as a professional career. This goal encompasses its five goals: Information, Communication, Inspiration, Validation, and Representation. It is the oldest and largest organization for design professionals.


“Reflections of a Design MFA Student” by: Mitch Goldstein

In his letter to his future self, Goldstein contemplates his role as not only a designer, but also a critic and an educator. He argues that as a critic it is most important to not merely critique because one can, but to help the designer. Goldstein then goes on to say that it is vital for designers to be critics to themselves as well. Lastly, he tells himself that as an educator he must critique his students, but also remember that a critique his simply an opinion and to not limit them by pushing his ideas too heavily onto them.


Surrealism was an art movement in the 1920s. Surrealist paintings often feature surprises or unusual juxtapositions and were intended to break through the barriers of conventional arts and dive into the subconscious. The resulting artwork was often odd, but said to show true human thought.

Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory

Giorgio de Chirico, Premonitory Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire 

Yves Tanguy, Indefinite Divisibility 

Assignment #10

The purpose of this assignment was to create a business card utilizing the wordmark or lettermark created in assignment 9. I chose to utilize the wordmark.

Assignment #9

The purpose of this assignment was to create one lettermark and one wordmark for two different companies. I made my wordmark for Blooms Flower Shoppe and my lettermark for the Public Zoo Network.