Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley portrays a young Steve Jobs and young Bill Gates at the start of their careers. They are presented in entirely different manners; Jobs as ruthless, Gates laid-back. It is shown that Apple made it big with the Macintosh by stealing an idea from Xerox and Microsoft likewise got their start from Apple’s copied Xerox model. In a climatic moment, Gates questions Steve “You’re yelling? That’s not fair. I wanted to steal it first.” It is later showed the Steve is fired from his position due to employee complaints of his domineering personality.

I liked the movie. It was interesting and contained facts that were not previously well-known. It was interesting to me that while Apple and Microsoft are entirely different companies today with different niches, they got their big break from the same software developed by Xerox. The motif of stealing was well developed with pirate flags outside of the Apple headquarters (I would be interested to know if they’re really there.) I also liked the focus on Job’s and Gate’s dramatically different personalities. However, at times the movie seemed cheesy, especially parts involving Job’s and his ex-girlfriend.


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