Certification: Artists & Ostriches

In the article entitled Certification: Artists & Ostriches (Communication Arts, November 1995), the article presented the classic economic problem of too much supply and not enough demand for graphic designers. While she did not provide a clear view of what she thought should happen, she did demand that those in favor of a certification program begin to plan for one. Interestingly enough, she herself was opposed to a certification program; her point was simply that something needs to be done instead of just talked about.

I liked the article. She compared graphic designers current state to that of ostriches. While Ostriches are said to bury their head in sand when trouble emerges, they actually proactively run! She argues that designers are burying themselves by not proactively doing something to either decrease supply or increase demand. I also agreed with her negative opinion on a certification program; I believe such a program is unnecessary because the graphic design industry is not like industries such as accounting or law, where mistakes can have devastating consequences. While the article was good, I wish she had presented an argument for what could be done to fix the problem. Ironically, in some ways she was also simply just discussing and not doing.


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