In February, the audience of Jeopardy was treated to a different kind of match up. Watson, a computer created  by IBM, went again Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, two notable past contestants. The question: Who, or what, would win? Watson, who after two days of competition, had amassed $77,4147 came in first place. The two human competitors trailed far behind with neither getting more than $25,000.

So was this computer really smarter than it’s competitors? Probably not. Although Watson easily beat its opponents, it had one notable advantage- it could buzz in much faster than humans’ reflexes could. If all three knew the answer to the question, chances are Watson was the one who received points for it simply because there was no delay in his reaction time. However, Watson also was at a disadvantage for short clues because it had trouble understanding the context of questions.

All in all, I though the competition was a good idea. It raised awareness of how far artificial intelligence has come and increased Jeopardy viewership. It was a fun show sparking many debates and discussions about artificial intelligence that will continue on.


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