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Assignment #8

The purpose of this assignment was to design two different logos for the same company.



This collage is in the style of David Hockney.

Assignment #7

This assignment had two parts: the first was to create a black and white logo for a  real estate company. The second, to add color. The main goal of the assignment was to simplify the logo- namely the key which served as the image to be associated with the company.

Certification: Artists & Ostriches

In the article entitled Certification: Artists & Ostriches (Communication Arts, November 1995), the article presented the classic economic problem of too much supply and not enough demand for graphic designers. While she did not provide a clear view of what she thought should happen, she did demand that those in favor of a certification program begin to plan for one. Interestingly enough, she herself was opposed to a certification program; her point was simply that something needs to be done instead of just talked about.

I liked the article. She compared graphic designers current state to that of ostriches. While Ostriches are said to bury their head in sand when trouble emerges, they actually proactively run! She argues that designers are burying themselves by not proactively doing something to either decrease supply or increase demand. I also agreed with her negative opinion on a certification program; I believe such a program is unnecessary because the graphic design industry is not like industries such as accounting or law, where mistakes can have devastating consequences. While the article was good, I wish she had presented an argument for what could be done to fix the problem. Ironically, in some ways she was also simply just discussing and not doing.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley portrays a young Steve Jobs and young Bill Gates at the start of their careers. They are presented in entirely different manners; Jobs as ruthless, Gates laid-back. It is shown that Apple made it big with the Macintosh by stealing an idea from Xerox and Microsoft likewise got their start from Apple’s copied Xerox model. In a climatic moment, Gates questions Steve “You’re yelling? That’s not fair. I wanted to steal it first.” It is later showed the Steve is fired from his position due to employee complaints of his domineering personality.

I liked the movie. It was interesting and contained facts that were not previously well-known. It was interesting to me that while Apple and Microsoft are entirely different companies today with different niches, they got their big break from the same software developed by Xerox. The motif of stealing was well developed with pirate flags outside of the Apple headquarters (I would be interested to know if they’re really there.) I also liked the focus on Job’s and Gate’s dramatically different personalities. However, at times the movie seemed cheesy, especially parts involving Job’s and his ex-girlfriend.

Computer- 1930s

Mark Computer (1944):

UNIVAC (1951)

IBM701 EDPM (1953)

Scelbi Mark-8 (mid 70s)

Altair (mid 70s)


The first computers were as large as one room. The ENIAC (1946) measured 8.5 feet by 80 feet and weighed almost 30 tons!

ARPRANET was the first internet. It’s important because it allowed for the sharing of information between computers that were in separate geographical locations. Our modern day internet, The World Wide Web, was not launched until 1991.

The first apple computers were created by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak. While jobs is still CEO of Apple, Wozniak left the company in 1987. However, he still works their as a part-time employee. Today, Apple ships out many of it’s products with “easter eggs,” or hidden surprises, ranging from weird graphics to music to games,  within Apple software. Some easter eggs that can be found in photoshop include a belching cat and weird secret messages.  In illustrator, some of the easter eggs include fun facts and a birthday cake brush.

Computers are very powerful machines. In the next 10 years, I believe most things will be digitalized including school textbooks, an idea some school boards are already toying with. I also believe even more information will be available to the masses allowing for oppressed people to realize their plight. Computers can change the world :)!


David Hockney

David Hockney, now 73, is an English artist who is notable for his photographic collages. Using Polaroids of the same image, Hockney created one picture from many. He began this style of design, which he called joiners, in the ’70s and went through ’86. Eventually he became frustrated with the limits of photography and turned once again to painting, which he studied at the Royal College of Art. He was also influential in the British Pop Art movement.