The Linotype Machine – 1886

Shole’s typewriter:

Mergenthaler’s Linotype Machine:

Linotype & Operator:

The typewriter is an important part of our history because without it, we would not have modern day computers. The invention of the typewriter was important because using it was faster than writing by hand which allowed for the newspaper industry to be revolutionized. While Americans may think of typewriters as things of the past, they are the most common method of typing in 3rd world countries.

Typesetting is making text material by using type.

The linograph was the most importance advance since moveable type because it allowed a small number of operators to set type for more pages on a daily basis, which allowed newspapers to become longer and thus more informative.

One of the major differences between the linograph keyboard and the modern day keyboard was the absence of the shift key. This meant that the linograph keyboard had to have separate black keys for lowercase letters and white keys for uppercase letters. The keyboard also had blue keys for punctuation, digits, small capital letters and fixed width spaces.  The keys were arranged in order of letter frequencies as opposed to the modern day QWERTY arrangement. In total, there were 90 keys on the linograph. Modern day keyboards range, but most have a little over 100 keys.



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