Communication Trends & Type

The way people communicate has changed dramatically over the last century. One way this can be seen is through computer technology, including Instant Messaging, e-mail, Tweets, and Facebook. All these mediums allow people to communicate with each other in a quick, efficient way- a way that doesn’t call for extensive use of proper grammar or much thinking.

While type was once a thing of long labor, where one mistake may cost hours (think typewriter), a mistake in typing is now easily fixable- the magical delete button. The fastest typer is recorded as typing 216 words/ minute- a feat that would have been unachievable on a typewriter due to the high probability of an error.

With type becoming so easy to use, people put considerable less thought into their communication. The popular site Twitter has millions of followers sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less. 140 characters or less? Can thoughts even be communicated in such a limited format- why yes. Just ask Charlie Sheen, whose 140 character rants gained him 1 million followers in just 24 hours.  Type is on its way to becoming just another mindless habit used to receive information how we like it- fast and brief.


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