Secrets of the Rosetta Stone

Secrets of the Rosetta Stone focused on the history of the Rosetta Stone- from Napoleon Bonaparte first conquering Egypt through Jean-Francois Champollion deciphering the hieroglyphics.  It was a good movie, with the history being told in a story-like fashion. The basic information contained within the movie was that three languages were on the Rosetta Stone- Greek, Demonic, and Hieroglyphics. In Greek, it said that all three languages said the same thing. This led to a race across Europe to be the first to crack the new languages. It was Thomas Young, a Londoner who loved problem-solving, who deciphered the first hieroglyphic in 1818. However, it was Jean-Francois Champollion who combined Young’s idea with his knowledge of the coptic alphabet and Egyptian history to truly crack the Rosetta Stone.

The movie continually talked about the Rosetta Stone holding the secrets of the Egyptian. While it can be inferred that cracking the Rosetta Stone did lead to discovering more about the Egyptians, the movie never explained them. A brief explanation of some of the more significant or interesting facts would have made the movie even better. To some extent the reader was left hanging, especially when one takes into account the the movie’s title. How’s that for irony?


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