Phonetic Alphabet- 1050 BC

Phoenician Alphabet:

Greek Alphabet:

Roman Alphabet:


The Phoenician alphabet was successful because it was easy to learn and the trading culture at the time allowed it to be spread to Europe and North Africa.

The social structure of a society is the way people in each society interact with each other and act in their society. This is typically a very stable structure.

The Roman alphabet because the most widely used because it was easy to learn, but still had enough letters to convey all ideas. The Roman alphabet propelled typography forward. For practical purposes, Roman carvers began to use serifs. This development led to the creation of  a baseline. The Romans also made sure that their type was aligned in orderly rows. These aesthetics are still used today.

The original Phoenician alphabet had no vowels. It was not until the Greeks adapted the alphabet that vowels became popularized. The Roman alphabet is very similar to the Greek alphabet, however the Romans added additional letters. The Romans also emphasized the importance of neatness in their writing- as seen in the above example. The Romans also developed miniscule, or lower case, letters in the 3rd century.



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