Hieroglyphics and The Egyptians- 3000 BC through 396 AD

Hieroglyphics in a tomb:

Hieroglyphics in a temple:

Hieroglyphics on papyrus:

A scribe is the person who must write down records. In the case of the Egyptians, scribes wrote down military tactics, how to perform rituals, government information, and Books of the Dead.

Demotic script was one type of the Egyptian language. It was used for formal documents, especially court documents. It was used around 600 BC and was usually found on papyrus.

The Egyptians used a chisel made of flint to carve hieroglyphics into the walls of tombs and temples. To write on papyrus, scribes used paints made from minerals native to the area. The brushes were sticks of wood with frayed ends.

The Rosetta stone was an important discovery because it allowed scholars to decipher Hieroglyphics using their knowledge of Greek and Demotic script.


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