Cuneiform – 3000 B.C.

The Sumerian’s language (cuneiform) evolved over time eventually being adapted by their conquerers- the Akkadians. The earliest form of cuneiform are pictographs. Soon, these drawings became more abstract and then the number of possible characters grew. The new evolved cuneiform was more complex and consisted of many wedge shaped symbols. When the Akkadians adapted the cuneiform script, they completely did away with all the pictographs, becoming a completely syllabic script.

early cuneiform:

evolved cuneiform:



A nomadic civilization is a civilization that moves around, rather than staying in one place.

The Sumerian’s created a form of visual communication to keep track of business transactions. They recorded these transactions on a wet clay tablet using a wedge-shaped stylus made from reeds. When the tablet dried, there was a permanent record of the transaction.

A pictograph is a record consisting of symbols that convey meaning by resembling the object that it stands for (example: a handicap parking sign). It is a type of ideogram, which are symbols that have meaning solely by familiarity with the symbol and what it stands for (example: the five rings of the olympics stand for the olympics).


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