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Visual Center & Z Pattern

The optical center of this poster is the words “Summer Celebration.” The eye than takes in calming white space, a purple rainbow, and some trees as it follows the Z pattern. This creates a relaxed feel that this “Summer Celebration” is sure to make one feel like. The primary principle of design that was used in this poster was unity. The only color is in the top right and bottom left which brings the entire piece together. Another principle that the artist utilized was figure/ground by having white leaves on the black ground.

While an entirely different feel, this “Shutter” poster also utilizes the visual center and z-pattern. The viewer’s eye is drawn to the left eye and then the right eye, followed by a compilation of unsettling images, finally ending in the words at the bottom right of the page.  emphasis was used in this designed by making the only white on the page the words. The artist also employed unity/variety by making the larger picture out of smaller, but different pictures.


Digital Star Effect: Wallpaper

This was created using a tutorial from “40 Cool Abstract and Background Designs.”

Assignment #1

The purpose of this assignment was to illustrate a common idiom. The idiom I chose was it’s raining cats and dogs. It was created entirely in photoshop using pictures from the internet that I modified.




Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey, born in 1970, is a contemporary art designer. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Arts with a degree in Fine Arts (illustration). He is known for his street art including the Obey the Giant campaign, which “exists only to cause people to react.” He also created the Obama HOPE poster. Currently, he runs the Studio Number One Agency which has created album artwork and film posters for well-known media such as Monkey Business and Walk the Line. Surprisingly , Fairey, a diabetic, also DJS under the name Emcee Insulin.



I like Fairey’s desgins. They are fun and carry a message of peace, hope, and prosperity. They get people thinking, such as his Obey the Giant campaign. Many of his posters use dulled reds and yellows to convey a sense of calmness. I think it’s good that he is using his talent to draw attention to people and events that he finds important.

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